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It is a recreation of information in the public domain from 1997 - 2007.
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Davis Hyperbaric Laboratory - Downloads

Guidance and Recommendations:

Build an Ambulance O2 to Mask Adapter (370K): How to deliver 100% O2 by tight fitting mask in civilian ambulances or ERs.
UPDATED  24 Aug 02  (Thanks to Maj Mike Cantrell & his Band of Junior O's at Fairchild Fizz)

USAF Multiplace Wound Care Oxygen Treatment Tables:   Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Tables at 45 FSW for routine wound care applications.  Includes current IO denitrogenation protocols.
NEW!!  17 May 02

DCS OI Template:   Recommended template for MTF or Base use regarding DCS management and treatment (181K, Word).
NEW! 25 Feb 02

Administrative Treatment of DCS:  To waiver or not to waiver - that is the question.  Now updated per IMC change to AFI48-123.
NEW 22 Feb 2002

Decompression Tables Usage - Policy Update (1 May 99):  USAF decompression tables usage has been updated! USAF Table 7-2 is obsolete! Wet dives will comply with the US Navy Standard Air Tables guidance. Dry dives (Chamber IOs), Nitrox, and Diving at Altitude will use Nobendem to determine the decompression profile. 3 downloads - the policy update,
Basic Decompression Tables Usage (Updated 12 Oct 99 using USN method for calculating RNT for no-deco dives)
Advanced Decompression Profile Calculation (all PDF documents).

DCS Treatment Update:   Guidance regarding use of ASA, Air Breaks, and Mono-Multiplace in DCS treatment.
Updated 5 Dec 01                     Please Note:  Air Breaks are NOT used during SLO2 Treatment

DCS Treatment:  Decompression Sickness treatment options, suggestions, concerns, in the military setting.

Quick Neuro Exam:  Quick Neurological Exam for Decompression Sickness evaluation.

Altitude Chamber Induced DCS - Eval and Initial Treatment:  (26 Jul 00) An initial approach to diagnosis and treatment of suspected DCS  resulting from altitude exposure. Please review the rules and timings for the SLO2 protocol below.

Surface Level O2 (SLO2) Treatment:  For mild joint pain only DCS after altitude exposure.

USAF Oxygen Treatment Tables:   Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Tables (TT-5, TT-6, Carbon Monoxide) for mandatory use in the military patient (recommended for civilians).

Post DCS Treatment Pt Instructions:   Worksheet handout for patients who have had oxygen treatment tables for DCS.

Criteria for Referral HBO Site Evaluation:  Points to be considered when evaluating local hyperbaric facilities for military DCS cases.
Updated 19 Feb 01

Data Needed for Referral HBO Sites:  Information requested for your base, the referral chamber, and that chambers' staff.

Sample Chamber Inspection Report:  Typical site visit report recommending MTF approval of a chamber facility.

Occupational Guidelines for Performance of Aircraft Pressure Check: Reviews occupational concerns for workers involved in the performance of ground level aircraft fuselage pressure checks (PDF format).


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