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HYPERBARIC NEWSLETTERS (In Adobe Acrobat(TM) Format)   (spinstar-gold.gif (4104 bytes) = NEW STUFF! as of 18 Oct 2000)

January 1997 (  87K) No June 97 Issue
January 1998 (159 K) June 1998 (  89K)
spinstar-gold.gif (4104 bytes)  Fall 1999 (257 K) spinstar-gold.gif (4104 bytes)  October 2000 (548K!! - Sat Diving)

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Distinguished Visitors

Mr. Robert Jones & Dr. Zwart

Enjoyed The Visit; Learned A Lot!

Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Visit

Thanks For The Info!

Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Robert L. Jones visits the Brooks Hyperbaric Chamber on 28 Sep 00.  His group was fascinated to learn of the technologies and treatment capabilities spearheaded by the Brooks Hyperbaric Team over the years. (Enlargements - 89K each)


Senators Gramm, Hutchinson meet Dr (Col) Wolf

Senators Gramm, Hutchinson, and News Team

Senators Visit

Good Questions

During a recent visit (17 Feb 99) Senators Gramm and Hutchison were fascinated by Dr Wolf's briefing on the uses and economics of Hyperbaric Medicine (Click on the image for enlargement - 100K each)

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