Bibliography for Cellular and Applied Hyperbaric Sciences

[Last Updated 31 August 1998]


Bone Grafts

1. Sawai T, Niimi A, Takahashi H, Ueda M. Histologic study of the effect of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on autogenous free bone grafts. J. Oral Maxillofac. Surg. 1996; 54:975-981.

SUMMARY: [Original research using autogenous bone grafts in rabbit mandibles--14 refs.]

Original research utilizing corticocancellous bone from the iliac crest grafted into the mandible of Japanese white rabbits (n=16).

Control group (n = 8) exposed to the chamber without compression.

Treatment group (n = 8): 60 minutes of 2.4 ata hyperbaric oxygen twice per day, 20 sessions before surgery, 10 sessions after surgery, total of 30 HBO sessions.

Bone graft occurred 50 days after bilateral surgical removal of the mandibular incisors.

Biopsies from sacrificed animals were conducted at 1, 2, 4 and 8 weeks after bone graft, and histology comparison between control and treatment groups is presented.

Osteoid formation and angiogenesis in the treatment group were much greater than in the control group. Union between host and grafted bone was observed at 2 weeks in the treatment group, but was not seen until 4 weeks in the control group. This indicates that HBO accelerates the union of autogenous free bone grafts to a graft site.

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